Learning to love yourself

Some people are late bloomers.  Like me.  We just listen to what everyone else has to say about us.  Over the years we begin to believe THEIR press about us.  No amount of positive input can undo the damage this can cause a child, any child if this is what they hear day in  and day out.  The expectation that could be instilled in young hearts needs to start long before adulthood.  Long before teenage hood.  We have to think before we speak to children in particular, but also to adults.  Having your spirit broken isn’t exclusive to children.  We must learn to love ourselves first.  Regardless of being loved by anyone else.  You know you better than anyone.  You are your best cheerleader.  Give yourself permission to mess up from time to time and stop  with the guilt and self-pity.  Forgive yourself if no one else does, and give yourself the right and freedom to be who you are.  You will become the free person you were born to be.  You might even discover new talents you never knew you had.

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