Are we still finding ourselves?

We come here with all the answers to every question we will ever have,we all have to allow those answers to reveal themselves. I believe depression is the symptom of something else, something deeper. We all are finding ourselves moment by moment, it never ends. That is a good thing. The journey can be awesome when we no longer accuse or penalize ourselves for not living up to some ideal. Our challenge is to stop looking outside of ourselves and take a journey into our inner space, that’s where the essence of who we really are abides. Our minds are so busy with so many words and suggestions that we can hardly hear the inner voice that is waiting to be heard. If we are still and still our minds we find that we are exactly where we are suppose to be. Not to teach others but to recognize the sameness in each of us. We are all on the same journey at different levels. Be still and know.

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