I have often wo…

I have often wondered WHY we got here. If we believe that G-D is omnipotent and omniscient we have to acknowledge this universe condition is no surprise to him/ her/ IT. And since that must be true, this has always been a temporary situation not an eternal one because all matter is temporary. And since G-D’s Intent is eternal, we are still BEING and we will never stop BEING. This is the only thing that life is. ETERNAL. There is no life outside of G-D and G-D is eternal life. If this is true, there is no where for us to go except back to our Eternal origins. We can never be separated from that. Even now we are connected to it-whether we KNOW it or not. Truth doesn’t depend on what we believe. Truth doesn’t change. We can change the way we chose to see it, or experience it, but we can never change truth at the G-D level. We each have the power to change the universe we individually live in, but the eternal being that G-D is never changes, it is all that it ever needs to be. I am speaking in inadequate language because there are no words, languages, intellectual level that is able to explain this infinite BEING. SO, DON’T WORRY. It has all been designed to return us to our source, and that is only a good thing.

I am quoting myself here in response to a blog regarding the Intent of G-D.

One thought on “I have often wo…

  1. No offense taken. There is something to be said about perception. We all have our own, but facts are like the truth – nothing can change them except ones perception. No one necessarily understands the intention of the of what is, they can only see what they perceive it to be. How can we get offended by that? We each create the universe we chose to live in. I chose to live in one that acknowledges what this moment holds. I chose to allow this moment to be. Like a butterfly, or a flower cannot control what eats it or picks it, they are just beautiful until something or someone does. This is the truth. Allowing things to be without judging it. We change the injustices we can according to our perception, if it is in our power to do so. Everything else is us trying to figure out why we’re her and where we are going. I say let it unfold.

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