The world as we Know It.

When I originally began this Blog, I thought it was for the children books I’ve written. Now, after learning to function in this inter- world with little skill and perservierence, I have learned l several things : write what you know and use lots of pictures. However, I now also realize though I have children and grandchildren, this Blog has not been for them or the books. This Blogs’s for me. Everything I know for sure about “The World as We Know it”.
I would like to think having stepped into this darkness with little or no information that I may at least shine some light for someone else by sharing what has and has not worked for me. I realize trying to feed a fish to hungry people only fills their belly’s for a short while. Maybe what I’ve learned and know for sure will help create some fishermen who will lower their own lines into the dark waters and catch even bigger fish than I was able to. Since I’ve lived for six decades plus I would like to think I have something to pass on to the next generation of beings reaching out into the darkness with their own lights.
The things I know for sure are not things you can learn from books, they are only learned experiences I’ve had. Someone may say don’t spank a child because it’s a form of abuse and doesn’t reinforce good behavior. I will tell you what spanking a child will do to you. I will tell you exactly what depression feels, tastes, and looks like. What it’s like to love and be loved by someone. What it feels like to not be loved at all. How being lonely can make you do crazy things and being happy can take you completely out of whatever dark funk you find yourself in. I can tell you the difference in marrying for love or marrying for money, well, marring for convenience. How it feels to have your child hate you and how it feels to have your child self destruct. How meditation changes you.
I can only write what I know and I know all these things and a little more but I first wanted to give you my bona Fides. Who knows where we’ll go from here. I hope you will go with me.

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