Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual Psychology

While trying to understand the difference between religion and spirituality (and there is a difference). I coined the phrase “Spiritual Psychology”, this term needs to be included in any conversation we engage in about the subject. It is the language that separates Religion from Spirituality. It is the intention to either follow a family tradition or to search for Spiritual truth. One leads to a handed down belief, the other leads to a paradigm in ones own psychology that turns something on that was never on before. it is ‘enlightenment’ that is not an exclusive word to Eastern Religion Experience. Language and intention are what separates East from West. One says ‘Enlightenment’ the other says ‘New Birth’. I would venture a guess that many teachers who instruct others in religious faiths have never had a spiritual experience of their own. Spiritual Psychology informs your mind-you intellect- that something has changed in your inner most being- your spirit. It unveils the language that before was unutterable And reveals what is true at the deepest level of your humanity. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with your intention to know-your desire to know truth brings an experience that cannot exist outside of your spiritual self. When your mind knows something you have learned, what you have learned can be updated, changed or reordered with time. When your spirit experiences something it is a constant truth that will never change, but it will change you.

Our intention informs our purpose, reason, or will. I will to know God or I will follow what others have told me.

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