Today was the second week of meditation with Oprah and Deepak. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered something about myself. This mantra today hit me where I have always lived. Wondering, what I really want. For a 69 year old who has had to work and raise two boys and support a mother in my youth,, this was a luxury I couldn’t afford to consider. Now I am retired and am finally able to take writing seriously. I never knew I could take my years of writing seriously. I thought it was just my way of coping. When I first began the meditation, and asked myself what I really wanted, my answer was to write many books. Then Depok asked us to go deeper, and I began to cry. In this quiet state of harmony with all that is, and with my hand on my heart, the real answer was, I want to matter. Who knew, at this age, I would have an Oprah ‘AHA’ moment. 

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