We know so many things. Our minds are filled with so many words and thoughts. We are full but we feel empty. There is never enough stuff to stop the longing for more. What we really need to do is downsize. We have been needing and wanting, when what we really desire is to be and do. We need to be love and do peace.

We are too full of things, we need to be empty. We are too involved, we need to be still. We have too much stuff, we need to give. We are encumbered, we need to be free. We cling, we need to let go. We have been collecting, we need to distribute.
In all things and in every way, we need to release to be filled with what and who we really are.

In meditation today, I began to pray in desperation to be delivered from failure. I felt I had failed in my life as a mother, wife and friend. Then I realized, I hadn’t allowed myself to be successful in these areas. I saw myself as a failure because I forgot to let go of the struggle and idea of what I thought it should look like. I was trying to create a success out of material things. Things will never demonstrate to anyone the true attribute of success because things are not real.

I forgot the Spiritual journey I’m on is a continual correction of missteps and falling short. I am successful just because I have chosen to be on this journey. I am successful because I can always forgive and readjust. It is a part of the journey to recognize, forgive and move closer to my destination. I am constantly being love, peace, joy every moment. And, when I miss it, I recognize it and continue on without participating in blaming and accusing. I can stay present because I chose to be present. I am love because I choose to be love.

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