Executions are a form of human sacrifice

ImageAre we all insane?  How can we call ourselves civilized and allow human beings to be murdered as a spectator event and a  form of someone’s idea of justice?  It is not a form of justice, but a way to practice a gruesome form of human sacrifice no better than what is said of the “Barbarians” we thought didn’t know better in our distant pass.  We have to speak out, not only because of the recent botched execution, that we all have to be totally disgusted about; but also that the number of proven innocent prisoners has been recently brought to out attention as well.  Who of us without sin, can flip the switch, or administer the injection?  We have become the monsters that we claim to kill for their crimes.  This is a crime.  If any one of these people are innocent, it’s worth canceling the process altogether.  Who’s to say someone you love will not be accused of something they never did.  It is not impossible, especially in the environment we live in now.  We have no right to take someone’s life, especially the way we’ve been doing it.  We have a long way to go for us to become human beings as long as we treat people as if they are disposable.  We are better than this.

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