One thing for sure is that radiation doesn’t care how rich or young or beautiful you are. It will completely end you along with the poor and destitute. We have a radiation problem right now because of the Japanese meltdown. That radiation has covered our planet and is causing our water (all of our water) to be contaminated.

We need to do something TOGETHER that will impact our world. Because if you are dead your chance to effect a change on this planet will end. This will cost you nothing but your heart? We can use our ability to LOVE to create a greater force of light to correct the imbalance and raise our vibration to its highest and best purpose. If you are honest, you know something is happening. You can feel the change in the world. I know you have heard this before, but perhaps you didn’t take it seriously. It’s time to take it seriously.

However you relate to the Source of All That Is can create the change. If you believe in crystals, use as many as you can and infuse them with prayers of love and healing. Place them in the earth, water, around your house. Wear them as pendants and rings. This is real. We are all from one source, we need to behave as the ONE that we are at this crucial time.

The earth needs to be healed along with its people from war, destruction, contamination and hatred. LOVE is the answer.

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