Spiritual Feeling

As we become awakened to truth, we remember what love feels like and realize this is our Happy Place.


I think we have forgotten how to feel. I think we have forgotten how to lay down against the cool grass with arms and legs spread open and muscles at ease, face toward the warm sun and rocks under our backs. I think we no longer can recall the way water feels when it asserts it’s momentary strength onto man when he dips his hand in and for a moment, the water holds on. I believe we no longer can look up to the clouds or at a mountain and quiver under the colossal presence it possesses reminding us that we feel vulnerable. I think we ignore the wind on our faces, pretending it does not make our hairs stand on end because we do not know how to interpret the beauty in that truth. I feel we have grown detached from the world and each other, that we are…

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