Happy Holidays

I remember how we used to celebrate holidays. So much expectation and wonder. Family and friends coming together to share a feast and old stories. We truly loved the time we spent together and seldom were disappointed by those relatives who we knew would drink too much or embarrass the family. We made a point if participating in food distribution, either by delivering turkey dinners to families in need or helping to serve the homeless at shelters and churches.

Today, I really miss those days. The children are grown with families of their own and spread out over the nation. We are retired now and usually eat our Thanksgiving dinner in restaurants. This year we decided to make a full meal at home, with the help of the complete meal in a box and a little love added. Yet, this makes me feel empty. We NEED to share with others. We NEED to give. We are most fulfilled when we give to others, in fact, we are more blessed ourselves when we do. The feeling can not be described only experienced. I believe it is why we are here, not for ourselves but for each other.

This will be the last time we miss out on sharing our Thanksgiving meal. Maybe my children are no longer around, but other children need to have someone to share this special day with.


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