America’s Undertow


Something is wrong in America:

When policemen completely dismiss the concern of parents over the murders of their sons and explode in “righteous indignation” at the assassination of two of their own.

When an entire race of people are treated with disdain and when someone wants to speak about it, it is dismissed as the ” race card”.

When the “powers that be” set up systems and institutions that incarcerate our children, husbands and fathers on a whelm and call it “Equal Justice Under The Law”.

When “children” are afraid of those who should be there to protect them.

When “Apartide” is not something “over there” but is practiced silently right here in our “Homeland” by other names:

Separate but equal
voucher systems
Prison (can you say Slave Labor)
Youth camps
Job Interviews
Inequality, the list goes on…

When “The Powers That Be” keep secrets that “we the people” have “voted them into office” to make sure are not kept from us.

When we are lied to and our interests are not carried out in the way we have been told they would be during election years.

When the rich have become so rich, everyone else is dismissed as “gad-flies” and completely ignored by those who want the last bit of dignity the people hold.

When other countries can claim our land, water, oil, rights and whatever the “Powers That Be” decide to give them and we have only the President to protect us.

When the air we breath poisons us and our water catches on fire and our food is made in a laboratory.

When we have lost “faith” in our Spiritual Leaders.

When all the people are still talking about who “matters” in the year 2015.

We the people need to wake up and recognize true power is vested in the people, but the people MUST speak out.

We must not be silenced just because someone made sure a “union boss” would be the tool they used to try and out shout you in the “guise” that he thinks his issue outweighs yours.

We must not be silenced just because “they” have kept the status quo in tact all these centuries. If ants can move a rubber tree plant, we should be able to move “The Powers That Be”.

These are just some of the things that are pulling at the foundation of this country like an Undertow. We are stronger together. We are more alike than we are different but we fear what we don’t understand. If someone tells you the same thing over and over again, you might begin to believe them until you see for yourself it wasn’t true.

We must question everything. Discover the truth for yourself. Find out what the so called “other” is really like. We may be pleasantly surprised.

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