Black people all over the world are damaged by laws, traditions and beliefs that cause fear and loathing of anything that is different. We have run away from this condition in many ways. Unable to find where we belong until many of us can’t find our way back home. Some even hate the skin that they feel created this dilemma, unable to face the truth that they will never be accepted by some. We are not diminished by another’s image of us, we can only be diminished by the image we hold in our own minds of ourselves. It’s not real.

I have often wondered why people are separated by color and other orders of so called value. White, Yellow, Brown, Red, Black in that order-men and women, adult and child. None of this indicates human beings who should be treated exactly the same, with the same value. I remember someone asking a Darfur woman why did she think the Janjuweed were killing her people. She replied, “They are killing us because we are Black!” She said this in a matter-of-factly response. That is what the four little girls in Birmingham would have said

Even Secretary Condi Rice wondered “why they hated us so much”. Her statement recently was a memory she has of the day she felt the shock of the bomb blast when she was a little girl.

We tried to stop the killing of our people, who suffered and are still suffering and send some semblance of help, but we cannot change the color of our skin. This is our sin and theirs.  Here in America we think we have made it because we can now live where we want, drive what we want, eat where we want as long as we have the money to do so. But underlying that is still the distaste for the color Black by so many people who are called,Christian, Politician, teacher, police officer, judge, jury, landlord, mayor, governor. We can never change the color of our skin, or their hearts. Only individuals can change their universe. We live in the universe we create. We have a Black president by the grace of those who don’t understand the differences their parents declare are real. Let’s hope everything that diminishes any person is destroyed by becoming obsolete and unthinkable.

I have often wondered WHY we got here. If we believe that G-D is omnipotent and omniscient we have to acknowledge this universe condition is no surprise to him/ her/ IT. And since that must be true, this has always been a temporary situation not an eternal one because all matter is temporary. And since G-D’s Intent is eternal, we are still BEING and we will never stop BEING. This is the only thing that life is. ETERNAL. There is no life outside of G-D and G-D is eternal life. If this is true, there is no where for us to go except back to our Eternal origins. We can never be separated from that. Even now we are connected to it-whether we KNOW it or not. Truth doesn’t depend on what we believe. Truth doesn’t change. We can change the way we chose to see it, or experience it, but we can never change truth at the G-D level. We each have the power to change the universe we individually live in, but the eternal being that G-D is never changes, it is all that it ever needs to be. I am speaking in inadequate language because there are no words, languages, intellectual level that is able to explain this infinite BEING. SO, DON’T WORRY. It has all been designed to return us to our source, and that is only a good thing. We all end up in the same place regardless of our color.

All of our lives are full of contradictions-upside down. Good has been bad and bad has been good. Good people have down bad things and bad people have done good things. Where white has always meant right and black has always meant wrong. Where we have had to adjust ourselves to fit some one else’s image. Even when we know it will make no difference when all is said and done. It’s not that we blame the white man for our own failures, but he should stand up and admit the many failures of his own because we are affected by them day in and day out. His economic system, his medical system, his police system, his court system and his government system. None of these systems belong to “we the people” just to “some” of the people.

Some fair-minded individuals recognize the futility, we feel it together. The plans to take away the ability to vote for who we think will represent us all is demonized by outright lies that we all recognize as another “Jim Crow” mentality. They hate us because they think we will finally give them what they know they deserve. I wish there was someone who was fearless, and bold enough to say ‘to hell with all this nonsense, we know what’s right lets do it’. Are they all cowards? Who are they afraid of?
When all else fails, I chose to trust the magic that is the universe. I chose to embrace who I am and how G-d made me. We are perfect, though our actions may contradict this. We are still evolving into and becoming more than being human. We are evolving into recognizing ourselves in each other beyond the color of our skin. The brutes who refuse to recognize this will be trampled underfoot. We are evolving back into our beginning once more. Maybe we’ll get it right next time.
I just read an article written by a young Black man entitled “Why I Hate Being A Black Man” by Orville Lloyd Douglas.  Though I understand how some could construe this statement as self loathing, I don’t . Having raised two young Black sons, I know how threatening the world can be to a young Black Man. We spend their entire childhood praying them through school and that nothing untoward happens to them. It’s like guiding them through a gauntlet. Then as they become young adults, you pray they will make choices that lead them to a productive life and given a fair chance in the world. This is why Black people pray so fervently. We see no other help but God. Every good and perfect gift comes from our believing God opens those doors for our children to get a good education, a decent career and able to make a descent living.

This is our introduction into our world. We are told to raise ourselves up by our own bootstraps as those in authority hide the straps. We are told we are lazy, and being left out of the main stream, we depend on them for a job. But even with all of this and much more pushing us back into our place, we are still here. We have to believe we are exceptional because we now have a Black President, Attorney General, and Security Adviser. We have held out for the highest and best, there still are those who believe we don’t qualify.

I know being Black in America is not easy, but its a lot easier than slavery. We lived through that, we can live through anything. Even a little name calling. If jobs are scarce, we create our own and patronize our own communities. We become a force to be reckoned with at the voting booth. We overcome and there will always be those in our world who will stand up with and for what is fair on all sides.

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