“Something doesn’t like a wall”.  Robert Frost, knew what we all just barely understand.  It is difficult to extend yourself beyond your boundaries and feel safe.  And though we try to understand others, we are really only interested in our own voices.  We know how far to take our liberty, but can we trust others to be as disciplined?  When I say, I trust you, I really mean I will try not to judge your motives.  I will try to over look the prejudgements that are forcing themselves into my  reality because of my experience.  I chose to refrain from speaking aloud what I really think.
Why can’t I just excuse you?  Why can’t I just say regardless the outcome, I will give you the benefit of the doubt?  Why can’t I show you the same grace, I demand for myself.
Grace implies guilt without punishment.  It implies that we should answer for something, whether we are aware of it or not, but then says, I forgive you.  We can not show grace to our own selves unless we are aware of and admit our own guilt. And we can only show grace to others if we can embrace their imperfections as side affects of being human.  This is possible because we are all in the same dilemma.  There is not one of us who doesn’t want to be forgiven.  Maybe not for what we’ve done, but for the condition we find ourselves in.  Even socio-paths have a moment of clarity every now and then and they certainly need to forgive themselves.
How can we be so judgmental even in the face of our own I perfection?  Perhaps we need to believe there is someone out there who is more imperfect than we are.  Someone who needs to pay for what they have done to the fullest extent of the law.  Someone who doesn’t deserve a pass.  Isn’t that what Grace is.  It takes us beyond what is prudent toward something that is transcendent.  Out of our comfort zone right into the realm of possible outcomes.  Above and beyond what we can imagine, into an intent that hasn’t happened yet.  Grace dismisses what is and looks toward what can be.
We will cease to exist without Grace.  Our very next breath depends on it.  Never has the need for Grace been more relevant or expedient than at this very moment.  We have ignored the needs of the very same flesh and blood that walks this suspended sphere we walk.   Most look the other way when someone cries out in agony or fear because we don’t want to “get involved”.   We call those who come to the aid of their fellow human-beings,  a hero when they are just doing what should come naturally to all of us.  We judge others on the basis of their skin, hair, attractiveness, ugliness, car, house, clothes, friends, importance, insignificance, and so called “differences”.   We are all here wondering what are we here for and where are we going from here, and where is here?  None of us really have a clue outside of our beliefs.  Some of us think we have to earn “heaven” or “72 virgins” or spend time in “purgatory” or fly off to “another planet” or return to dust and “oblivion”.  Name your belief.  It is a smorgasbord of choices, none of which stands alone as the whole truth.  Neither does any of these beliefs exist without Grace.
We strive and fight to attain some semblance of what is real, when nothing we can see or touch will ever be.  The most real thing we will experience is what we do with our experiences while we are here.  Wherever here is.  How we connect with one another.  Whether we allow one another to be, whoever we are without judgement.  What’s real is the Grace we extend beyond ourselves to our other selves.  Because we are connected in awesome ways that we may never understand.  We will always be connected.  We have always been connected.  We share atoms and electrons constantly with our universe.  We are one another’s universe.  We have to decide what we want that universe to look like.  I chose to be whole, not fragmented.  I chose to see you, all of you.  I chose to extend Grace out into our universe.

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