One thing for sure is that radiation doesn’t care how rich or young or beautiful you are. It will completely end you along with the poor and destitute. We have a radiation problem right now because of the Japanese meltdown. That radiation has covered our planet and is causing our water (all of our water) to be contaminated.

We need to do something TOGETHER that will impact our world. Because if you are dead your chance to effect a change on this planet will end. This will cost you nothing but your heart? We can use our ability to LOVE to create a greater force of light to correct the imbalance and raise our vibration to its highest and best purpose. If you are honest, you know something is happening. You can feel the change in the world. I know you have heard this before, but perhaps you didn’t take it seriously. It’s time to take it seriously.

However you relate to the Source of All That Is can create the change. If you believe in crystals, use as many as you can and infuse them with prayers of love and healing. Place them in the earth, water, around your house. Wear them as pendants and rings. This is real. We are all from one source, we need to behave as the ONE that we are at this crucial time.

The earth needs to be healed along with its people from war, destruction, contamination and hatred. LOVE is the answer.


  • What do you think would happen if everyone came together to meditate and effect a change in our world?

Everybody talks about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it.  This time can be different.  We can do something about the violence and wars, famines and hate we see everyday.  We can hold an intention in our collective hearts to create a world of peace and light through meditation.

Check out this “Prepare For Change” website above and prepare to participate in what can be the turning point in our world.

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I believe we are here to discover and live our ” Highest Joy”. Because when we find our highest joy, we help others find theirs. How is this possible?

Have you ever worked a puzzle? It’s always best to start with the outside pieces. The outside pieces have straight edges and those straight colors make it a lot easier to fit together. That’s when you first begin to create the boundary of the big picture. We are unable to see the shapes take form until the frame is set in place. This makes it much easier for the other pieces to find their space as well.

This is how we help one another find our purpose for being. When each of us discovers our highest joy and begin to live it, we help form the shape for the next one to fit into. We begin to see the cosmic picture take form, because we are each a part of the cosmic whole.

Have you ever felt, or thought, “why was I born, and why am I here?” Well I’m here to tell you, you are here to Find Your Highest Joy. It is the reason we have all found ourselves on this plane together. We have chosen to be a part of this moment together. We have come to complete our Cosmic Picture together. Some of us have lost our way and think we can fit our “square pegs into round holes” and when they don’t fit, we buy guns and fight wars. We find differences that really don’t exist and teach our children to do the same. We teach others to hate and strive against their own best interest, because we have forgotten why we are here. We need each other to complete the picture. We need to remember that who we are is a part of each other, and why we are here is to live our highest selves.

Love is the key and reason for everything. When we love we transcend every other thing. Because every other thing is an illusion. Only love is real. Love lifts as if you had wings. Hate sinks as if you had pockets filled with iron. When we let go of the hate, fear and judgement, love is still there. It is our natural state of being. We don’t have to conjure it up. Other things have to be taught, love just is.





When I see Cheney and (Rinfield) Rumsfeld, and W on TV, I want to scream and throw up all at once. The deep wound these men have inflicted upon our nation and world is so deep we are all still bleeding from it. Nothing they have done since 911 has even remotely come close to defending us against so-called, terror. Rather, they have terrorized us more than a hundred 911’s. They have planted the seeds of the destruction of our nation with their greed and recklessness. Now we are reaping the harvest of economic ruin and global disrespect.

If we had used the energy and treasure of the last ten years to help remedy the Global Warming we now see, what a different world we could have made. What a respected nation we would have been. If we had used our energy and treasure to reduce the unnatural fear and blindness created by the NRA, what a sane nation we would have become.

I know others have felt this, but are not allowed to say it out loud. What these men have done has destroyed a generation of young men and women who are so damaged, they came home only to commit suicide for what they knew was a bloody murderous task they could not live with after coming out of the drug induced coma they had all been put in. It was Viet Nam all over again.

WHY HAVE WE NOT SAID IT. I remember screaming, NOT IN MY NAME at the outset of the genocide venture only to be called unpatriotic, traitor or worse. Now those words are used to quiet any voice that wants gun control and sensible regulation that would help quail the murder of our children and others who find themselves rattling the nerves of a “stand your ground” citizen.

It sounds like the powers that be have lost their minds. Everything that would lift us up as a nation is rejected, while everything that would drag us deeper into the rabbit hole is held up like a banner of honor. If you think about it, it is as if someone with a lot of power has deliberately set out to destroy us as a nation.

“Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do”. This prayer is so appropriate and one we all should be praying for the world leaders who are complicit in this. They all have blood on their hands. While they accuse others of being terrorists, they are terrorizing us.

I know there is an answer to this that they have overlooked. While they tout their “religious” beliefs like a get-out-of-jail-free card, we the people can begin to “humble ourselves and pray”. Not in any particular way, but pray, meditate, chant, zone out or what ever we chose to touch that higher place of sanity and peace. We need to deliberately saturate the higher realms with our petitions so greatly that we know we have been heard and answered. And we need not to ever stop, because what has been done to our children, our hearts and minds and our economy began with no obvious thought to the consequences of their actions.

Let this be how we answer this dilemma. Let this be the answer to our feeling of helplessness. This is the true power. Power that doesn’t take money to demonstrate. We can still be a force for peace and love. We can still make a difference in our world. We can move heaven with our collective positive energy of prayer and meditation. We have to, there is nothing else between us and the wolves at the gate but this. We can be the ones we’ve been waiting for. Lets start today.