When I awoke this morning a thought crossed my mind.  After a conversation with my oldest son, I realized that a single impression of an event in ones life can color everything else that happens after that.  Not just an opinion about the outcome, but a person’s perspective of what took place.  We establish an ‘expectation’ to repeat that experience, and  what we ‘expect’ is usually what we get.  We are not perfect beings and if we are honest, at times, we are often not even nice beings.  We use what we have in our hands to the best of our ability and the information we have.  Unfortunately, some of us only see what we have been trained by experience to see and that often is not the real picture.  We establish fears of what will happen next, instead if creating what we want to happen next.  We begin to expect the same result from different situations mimicking the result that our previous experience has demonstrated to us would happen.  We are afraid to trust that this  time could be different, and so its not to us even if, in reality, it is.

What are we afraid if?  Being disappointed, being tricked, being used.  Somewhere along the way we have to break this mindset that keeps us in a vicious circle of self sabotage.  Whatever it is that has happened in our past that was so hurtful that it has colored the way we see the world.  Whatever we did that hurt someone so deeply, that we can’t stop reliving that thing over and over again, needs to be let go.  Someone once told me, the way you get over something, is to replace it with something else.  We need to use that advice in releasing what we don’t want in our lives and replacing it with what we do want.  This sounds simplistic and I don’t mean for it to.  Because I have things I need to release, and as my son says, “Let go of it”.