Imagine a world

We are more than what we seem. We are light beings who are co-creators. We create. We create the life we choose. We create the world we choose. We create . We create the universe we choose. We are creating everything we are experiencing Right now.

Can we imagine and dream a world of peace? Can we imagine a world of light and grace? Can we imagine a world of joy and love?

Imagine a world so beautiful the colors vibrate with music. Imagine a world that sings in harmony with every person, animal, flower, tree, stream, river, ocean, breeze, and element.

Imagine a world so filled with peace the lions lick your hand and nuzzle your leg as you go on safari. Imagine a world with on need of zoos and vets. Imagine a world without war. Where we loved all life together. A world filled with joy at its highest vibration. Imagine a world without borders. Where we trusted our neighbors so much we no longer need police officers and armies.

Imagine a world so filled with light there is no need for the sun. A world that emitted light from every flower, tree and blade of grass. Imagine a world where thought was an immediate action. Where we blessed one another continually and all our hopes and dreams were for the best for all.

Imagine a world that vibrated in harmony with the cosmos. Where the music of the universe could be felt and heard. A world where every breath filled us with health and life. Where the waters were so pure, fish could be seen swimming even into the bottom of the ocean. Waters from the deep that knew when to moisten the soil and feed the plant life.

Imagine a world that loved the earth mother. Imagine a world that no longer needed protection. Imagine a world that knew everyone was perfect. Where Justice and liberty was a natural course of being. Where every person emitted inner light and love like waves of perfume.

Imagine that!image



There are a couple of things I know for sure.  First, whatever you have been given will only increase if you give it away.  Second, if anyone tells you something can not be done that’s the sign that you could be the perfect person to do it.  It’s possible to continue learning throughout your life, if you stay open to changing your point of view and keep your intention focused on your bliss or your joy.  You know, that thing you never shared with anyone but that kept coming up in your imagination and interrupting your ‘making a living’.  That one thing you would do for free or pay someone else to allow you to do. Discovering that is like being born again or learning to do something you would never dream you could do.  Letting the universe in to complete the journey your life was meant to take.

 Even in these winter years of my life, I’m still discovering things about myself I never knew before.  Recognizing what I really want marked on my tomb stone or written in my eulogy is changing the way I respond to life.  “She Mattered.”  What we do matters to someone but what we do for others matters to everyone.  My journey here has been explosive at times, and as explosions go, some of what’s blown up will get on anyone standing too close.  At times that fallout has not been a good thing because accidental misfires can be messy.  But good intended ones can make sure that what proceeds from my life rains down blessings on all who stand close enough to receive them.  That’s how I chose to matter.  We are not here just to be islands, though at times we need to be isolated to stay in-touch with ourselves.  However, being a part of the mix, helps to exercise and strengthen our muscles to make our journey a more smooth and informed one.  We can’t do anything about how others respond to us, but we can do something about how we receive that response and how we respond back.  It’s called, communication.  Communication is not always verbal, sometimes it’s an action.  Sometimes it’s being quiet when you want to say what’s on your mind.  I have discovered that saying nothing will convey more than ‘getting it off your chest’ ever could.  Also getting busy doing the work prevents the negative responses from taking hold and slowing your process.  The result will be a quiet thoughtful, effective
It will not always be those closest to you that cheer you on.  Sometimes your best cheerleader will be strangers and that’s ok.  Because discovering your bliss, your gift, will not  be recognized by those closest to you as the person they have always known.  Those who think they know you may have never seen you at all.  Those who don’t know you have no idea the journey your life is on and just accept and appreciate the gift you have to share.  We have to be bold and courageous and just step out on nothing but our intention to create the vision we have been nurturing.  It will be awesome.