Imagine a world

We are more than what we seem. We are light beings who are co-creators. We create. We create the life we choose. We create the world we choose. We create . We create the universe we choose. We are creating everything we are experiencing Right now.

Can we imagine and dream a world of peace? Can we imagine a world of light and grace? Can we imagine a world of joy and love?

Imagine a world so beautiful the colors vibrate with music. Imagine a world that sings in harmony with every person, animal, flower, tree, stream, river, ocean, breeze, and element.

Imagine a world so filled with peace the lions lick your hand and nuzzle your leg as you go on safari. Imagine a world with on need of zoos and vets. Imagine a world without war. Where we loved all life together. A world filled with joy at its highest vibration. Imagine a world without borders. Where we trusted our neighbors so much we no longer need police officers and armies.

Imagine a world so filled with light there is no need for the sun. A world that emitted light from every flower, tree and blade of grass. Imagine a world where thought was an immediate action. Where we blessed one another continually and all our hopes and dreams were for the best for all.

Imagine a world that vibrated in harmony with the cosmos. Where the music of the universe could be felt and heard. A world where every breath filled us with health and life. Where the waters were so pure, fish could be seen swimming even into the bottom of the ocean. Waters from the deep that knew when to moisten the soil and feed the plant life.

Imagine a world that loved the earth mother. Imagine a world that no longer needed protection. Imagine a world that knew everyone was perfect. Where Justice and liberty was a natural course of being. Where every person emitted inner light and love like waves of perfume.

Imagine that!image






I believe we are here to discover and live our ” Highest Joy”. Because when we find our highest joy, we help others find theirs. How is this possible?

Have you ever worked a puzzle? It’s always best to start with the outside pieces. The outside pieces have straight edges and those straight colors make it a lot easier to fit together. That’s when you first begin to create the boundary of the big picture. We are unable to see the shapes take form until the frame is set in place. This makes it much easier for the other pieces to find their space as well.

This is how we help one another find our purpose for being. When each of us discovers our highest joy and begin to live it, we help form the shape for the next one to fit into. We begin to see the cosmic picture take form, because we are each a part of the cosmic whole.

Have you ever felt, or thought, “why was I born, and why am I here?” Well I’m here to tell you, you are here to Find Your Highest Joy. It is the reason we have all found ourselves on this plane together. We have chosen to be a part of this moment together. We have come to complete our Cosmic Picture together. Some of us have lost our way and think we can fit our “square pegs into round holes” and when they don’t fit, we buy guns and fight wars. We find differences that really don’t exist and teach our children to do the same. We teach others to hate and strive against their own best interest, because we have forgotten why we are here. We need each other to complete the picture. We need to remember that who we are is a part of each other, and why we are here is to live our highest selves.

Love is the key and reason for everything. When we love we transcend every other thing. Because every other thing is an illusion. Only love is real. Love lifts as if you had wings. Hate sinks as if you had pockets filled with iron. When we let go of the hate, fear and judgement, love is still there. It is our natural state of being. We don’t have to conjure it up. Other things have to be taught, love just is.