Every year we all decorate our homes to celebrate Chrismas, light candles for Honuka, and count down the days for Kwanza.  Though we realize our traditions are something that brings us closer together as family, it is also what separates us In our communities.  I chose to celebrate and recognize every tradition and acknowledge the same hopes and heartfelt joy during this time of year.  The joy of giving and hope for a better tomorrow is universal.  We all hold the same prayer in our hearts to see children happy and safe, and our older family members healthy and loved.  We hope this not only for ourselves, but for one another more at this time of year than at any other time.  My prayer and highest hope is for all of us to hold the ‘Intention’ in our hearts to be more understanding and respectful toward our differences and recognize and celebrate our similarities.  MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HONUKA, and KWANZA, and if I missed other celebrations forgive me.  I send my best to you as well.