We are More Alike


I have noticed that we are more alike than we are different.  The problem is not that we dislike each other (I’m being kind) but rather, we have no idea who that “other” person is.  In fact we are sure we don’t want to know, even more, we are not sure they are knowable.  We fear each other and that is the most dangerous feeling to have.  We don’t trust each other because of the images we have seen in the different media representations of us.  The truth is that the same idea one has of the other is shared the other way around.  We are missing the richest experiences of life by isolating ourselves in urban or rural areas only seeing people who look like us.  When all Americans are educated and do well, all Americans are educated and do well.  This is not redundancy it is the truth.  Ignorance isn’t bliss.  It is true that venturing into a foreign country can be daunting but this is exactly how some of us feel when venturing into areas in our own cities that are unfamiliar to us.  All of us need an education and it would be nice if it began with our children because when the parents show fear and loathing for others different than themselves, this translates to the children as, (this is someone to hate or fear).

Lets work on this, actually say hello to someone who you might otherwise have rushed by.  You don’t have to invite them home with you, but by allowing yourself to reach out with your voice may introduce you to a very rewarding experience.  It comes naturally to children and it won’t hurt you to try.